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To securely use the updated version of the Usermin Web Application to check your email and much much more, connect to https://martnet.com:20000

Are you having problems with Wordpress or a custom coded web site? Maybe it's a MySQL Database problem. Use PhpMyAdmin to log in to your database and check things out. Let us know if you'r password doesn't work (or if you don't remember it after all these years!)

To check you mail with any client including GMail and Outlook, encryption is now required (plaintext authentication no longer works.)

To enable SSL or TLS Encrypted Authentication (both work), select the default port (POP port 995 and IMAP port 993 are both fully supported), and make sure your mail server is set to: martnet.com.
In the past you could use postoffice.martnet.com, your own domain, and many other host names to connect. Now you MUST use just "martnet.com" or the encryption verification will fail with a Certificate Error.

For Outgoing mail use Port 587 and STARTTLS. ALSO, be sure to checkoff the "Use same login and password as Incoming mails server" button and/or "my server requires authentication" button (or similar.)
DO NOT use "Secure Password Authentication: if that is an option - we don't support that and everything will break if you try and use it at all.

For FTP Access, make sure you are connecting via SFTP / Port 22
Plaintext FTP Authentication / Unencrypted file transfer is no longer supported. It's for the best, and Filezilla and all other FTP programs made in the last decade or two fully support SFTP.


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