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I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now what Cool Beans! is about. I think it boils down to whatever I’m currently obsessed with. I guess this has been apparent for a couple of issues now as people keep telling me they like the parts of the magazine that I like best too.

This was an easy theme to come up with stuff for. Almost everyone I know has good stories about traveling.

I hope you all dig the bonus CD, and a big thank you to the bands appearing on it! I’m switching to this format because it’s not all that much more expensive than flexi’s or 7"s, more people can play them, and they hold a lot more music. Please think of it as a mix tape and if you like it go find more music by the bands! I’m looking for more strange sounds/samples/audio weirdness to put on future releases (ie Elvis’s Penis, Euonym, Now Ah Lissen) so if you’ve got something like that on tape that hasn’t already been released on a phone-pranks tape or something send it myway!

In July, after I finished Cool Beans! #7 but before I got it back from Punks with Presses I went on a West Coast bike tour. It was amazing. I met great people and the weather was perfect! Everything went right - except that I rode too far too fast and it was all over in just three weeks.

Publicity types: I know you most of you don’t actually read my mag because you’re too busy ‘working the product’ but really we don’t do reviews anymore so please stop asking. And guess why I don’t print my phone number? DON’T CALL ME. Duh.

Make sure you buy a copy of the Three Day Stubble 7" and while you’re at it, get the Rhythm Pigs 7" too. They’re both really great records, but they’re not in a lot of stores, so maybe you ought to just send me some cash. Yup.

Oh yeah, please stop saying, "it’s all good" and quit calling me "buddy".

This issue is dedicated to John Denver, Sony Bono and Anton LaVey, they wereall evil, and now they’re gone. See how these things always come in threes?